Champions like Ivern

the Green Father
Show Build (10.15)
Highest Win Rate Build (10.15) X
Smite Flash
SummonAery Transcendence Waterwalking FuturesMarket CosmicInsight
Athene's Unholy Grail Ardent Censer Redemption Boots of Mobility
Smite Flash
Jungle, Mid, Initiator, Gap Closer, Roots, Shields, and Displaces
100% Match
Enchantment: Cinderhulk Hextech Protobelt-01 Dead Man's Plate Mercury's Treads
VeteranAftershock FontOfLife Conditioning Revitalize CelerityTemp Waterwalking
Ignite Flash
Initiator, Catcher, Helps Allies, Gap Closer, Slows, Shields, Long Range CC, and Displaces
100% Match
Gargoyle Stoneplate Knight's Vow Redemption Boots of Mobility
VeteranAftershock FontOfLife BonePlating Overgrowth CosmicInsight PerfectTiming
Smite Flash
Jungle, Initiator, Helps Allies, Gap Closer, Slows, Shields, and Displaces
97% Match
Enchantment: Cinderhulk Black Cleaver Gargoyle Stoneplate Mercury's Treads
Conqueror Triumph LegendAlacrity CoupDeGrace RelentlessHunter SuddenImpact
Teleport Flash
Jungle, Initiator, Gap Closer, Slows, Shields, Armor Scaling, and Displaces
92% Match
Sunfire Cape Adaptive Helm Gargoyle Stoneplate Ninja Tabi
GraspOfTheUndying MirrorShell BonePlating Revitalize BiscuitDelivery TimeWarpTonic
Teleport Flash
Initiator, Gap Closer, Uses Pets, Slows, Roots, Displaces, and Long Range CC
89% Match
Bramble Vest Sunfire Cape Spirit Visage Ninja Tabi
VeteranAftershock Demolish Conditioning Overgrowth ManaflowBand Transcendence
Teleport Flash
Mid, Initiator, Gap Closer, Slows, Shields, and Displaces
88% Match
Tiamat Black Cleaver Titanic Hydra Ninja Tabi
Conqueror Triumph LegendAlacrity LastStand Demolish BonePlating
Everything is fine Soraka
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