Champions like Quinn

Demacia's Wings
Show Build (10.15)
Highest Win Rate Build (10.15) X
Ignite Flash
PressTheAttack Overheal LegendAlacrity CoupDeGrace AbsoluteFocus
Sanguine Blade Stormrazor Infinity Edge Berserker's Greaves
Teleport Flash
Top, Chases, Gap Closer, Slows, Channeled Spells, and Movement Speed Boost
100% Match
Sunfire Cape Adaptive Helm Gargoyle Stoneplate Ninja Tabi
GraspOfTheUndying MirrorShell BonePlating Revitalize BiscuitDelivery TimeWarpTonic
Ignite Flash
Top, Chases, Slows, Assassin, Movement Speed Boost, and Grants Vision
92% Match
Liandry's Torment Nashor's Tooth Morellonomicon Sorcerer's Shoes
GraspOfTheUndying Demolish BonePlating Overgrowth CheapShot RavenousHunter
Teleport Flash
Top, Chases, Gap Closer, Slows, and Channeled Spells
86% Match
Titanic Hydra Sunfire Cape Adaptive Helm Ninja Tabi
GraspOfTheUndying MirrorShell SecondWind Revitalize Transcendence
Teleport Flash
Top, Chases, Gap Closer, Slows, and Assassin
86% Match
Hextech Protobelt-01 Luden's Echo Zhonya's Hourglass Sorcerer's Shoes
FleetFootwork PresenceOfMind LegendTenacity LastStand BiscuitDelivery TimeWarpTonic
Teleport Flash
Top, Chases, Gap Closer, Slows, and Movement Speed Boost
83% Match
Tiamat Black Cleaver Titanic Hydra Ninja Tabi
Conqueror Triumph LegendAlacrity LastStand Demolish BonePlating
Teleport Flash
Top, Chases, Slows, Long Range Poke, and Movement Speed Boost
81% Match
Black Cleaver Frozen Mallet Gargoyle Stoneplate Ninja Tabi
FleetFootwork Triumph LegendAlacrity CoupDeGrace BonePlating Overgrowth
Everything is fine Soraka
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