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What is LoL Recommender?

  • LoL Recommender is League of Legends champion recommendation service that helps you find new champions to play.
  • Get recommended similar champions using your summoner name, a champion you like, or filter champions by a tag or combination of several tags.
  • Developed using the Orianna Java Framework
  • Relevant Champion Data
  • Recommended champions are only champions that are currently being played in Plat+ ranked games.
  • Every champion recommendation shows the highest win rate Summoner Spells, Builds, Skill Order, and Masteries for that champion based on Plat+ ranked games in the current patch (10.21).
  • The individual champion pages feature a toggle at the top of the page to view the highest win rate info for the selected champion for the current patch (10.21).
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How does it work?
  • The recommendation algorithm dynamically assigns weighted tags to each champion based on the information available in the Riot API.
  • Weighted Tags
  • The tags are mapped to the API every time you load a page. This ensures that LoL Recommender stays up to date.
  • The weighted tags are mapped to a champion using a combination of text analysis and manual filters.
  • Champion Recommendations
  • When recommending by champion, the recommendation algorithm compares the selected champion with all other League of Legends champions that are currently being played in Plat+ ranked games.
  • Each champion is assigned a match score with all other champions.
  • The 6 champions with the highest match score are recommended.
  • Summoner Name Recommendations
  • When recommending by Summoner name, the recommendation algorithm grabs the Summoner's 4 most played champions using their mastery score.
  • The champion recommendation algorithm is then run on each of the 4 champions and the resulting recommended champions are grouped together, sorted by match scores, and then the 8 champions with the highest match score are recommended.
  • Match Score Calculation
  • The Match Score is calculated using a combination of the number of tags in common and the total weight of all the shared tags.
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  • Donations - I am solo developing and hosting LoL Recommender off of my laptop so please consider donating so I can keep it going and add to it!
  • Contact - If you notice anything wrong with the site, have feedback, want to advertise, or would like your art featured, please contact me.
  • Art Source - All of the art is currently coming from the League of Legends Wiki.