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Update Log
  • Newly Added Features
  • 5/23/2020 - Added a header bar that allows you to search on any page (available for devices with width >800px)
  • 5/14/2020 - Added position tags to help prioritize champions by position
  • 5/3/2020 - Updated URLs so you can easily find champions
  • 5/2/2020 - Search Champions by 1 or many Tags
  • 4/17/2020 - Added tooltips to the highest win rate items. You can hover over an image and the name should now popup. This was a request from a new user that wanted to know what item to search for in the shop. I also added tooltips to the masteries and summoner spells.
  • 4/16/2020 - Added highest win rate masteries and skill order to champions
  • Upcoming Features
  • Filter champions used for Summoner Name comparison by most played monthly/weekly etc
  • Search by multiple champions
  • Make searching by tags more user friendly
  • Show all tags for every champion and highlight the ones in common instead of only showing the ones in common
  • Add hyperlink to each tag to show all champions with that tag
  • Have an idea for a new feature?
  • Send me an email detailing your idea, and I'll add it to my list and credit you here if you'd like.
  • Send your ideas here
Everything is fine Soraka
  • Donations - I am solo developing and hosting LoL Recommender off of my laptop so please consider donating so I can keep it going and add to it!
  • Contact - If you notice anything wrong with the site, have feedback, want to advertise, or would like your art featured, please contact me.
  • Art Source - All of the art is currently coming from the League of Legends Wiki.