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Update Log
  • Have an idea for a new feature?
  • Contact me detailing your idea, and I'll add it to my list and credit you here if you'd like.
  • Newly Added Features
  • [4/27/2022] - [v4.21] - Updated top build calculator. Updated the available champions in the Wild Rift section of LoL Recommender.
  • [1/2/2022] - [v4.20] - You can now search for recommendations using multiple champions on LoL Recommender and Wild Rift LoL Recommender.
  • [11/16/2021] - [v4.19] - Restored Summoner Recommendations to use Match History.
  • [8/31/2021] - [v4.18] - Updated Champion Recommendations to list all Tags instead of just the ones they have in common. The ones in common are highlighted yellow. I also added the Tags for the current champion at the top of the page. I highlighted the searched Tags on the Tag search page. LoL Recommender Wild Rift also got these updates.
  • Submitted by Daniel
  • [8/22/2021] - [v4.17] - For Summoner Recommendations, the algorithm prioritizes your last 100 Summoner Rift Games and only includes queues like ARAMs if you don't have enough SR games.
  • [8/14/2021] - [v4.16] - Added Tag Descriptions to the individual Tag pages. I also added a new contact area where you can submit feedback.
  • Submitted by Elia | Lol: WindowsKing (euw) | Discord: WindowsKing#0104
  • [8/13/2021] - [v4.15] - Added the following new Tags: Vanguard, Warden, Easy to Play, and Difficult to Master.
  • [7/14/2021] - [v4.14] - Did a complete rewrite of the backend from Java to C# using the RiotSharp API Wrapper. The entire web application should be much more stable and faster now that it is partially database driven.
  • [4/16/2021] - [v4.13] - Added a new area for Wild Rift Champion Recommendations.
  • [3/31/2021] - [v4.12] - Added buttons to show different builds for champions with multiple positions on the recommend by champion page.
  • [3/27/2021] - [v4.11] - I am trying out a new algorithm to prevent over-representing champions with a high number of tags like Viego.
  • [3/22/2021] - [v4.10] - Drastically increased server stability (hopefully no more downtime)
  • [1/26/2021] - [v4.9] - I added hyperlinks to the tags of recommended champions to quickly view the champions with that specific tag.
  • [1/22/2021] - [v4.8] - Added the following new traits: Zombie (playable after death), Expert 1v1er, Power Farmer, AOE Long Duration + High Damage Ult, Deletes ADCs, and Speed Demon. I also updated the dynamic traits to help champions that were lacking traits.
  • [1/21/2021] - [v4.7] - Added a "Self-Heals" trait
  • [1/19/2021] - [v4.6] - I added builds for different positions for each champion. The position filter now filters the builds of the recommended champions so you if you select Jungle, then you should only get recommended Jungle champions and their Jungle builds. I also added position tags to each recommendation so you know what position each build is for. This is useful for when there is no filter selected and all champions are showing.
  • [1/15/2021] - [v4.5] - Added a position filter to the Summoner and Champion recommendation pages!
    For example, if you want to find Support champions that play like Ahri then go to Ahri's page and select Support under filter by position!
  • [1/10/2021] - [v4.4] - Testing out a new layout for recommendations. Let me know what you think.
  • [1/1/2021] - [v4.3] - Updated the look and feel of the website. You can now see more recommendations and read text easier. I also added champion icons to the recommendations for non-mobile users.
  • [12/26/2020] - [v4.2] - Added share buttons to share your recommendations! Added Wombo Combo tag.
  • [12/23/2020] - [v4.1] - Added Summoner names to the URL so you can easily share URLs/recommendations. Added Auto Attack Based tag that is flagged based on masteries (Press the Attack / Hail of Blades / Lethal Tempo).
  • [12/22/2020] - [v4.0] - SITE OVERHAUL - Rewrote/converted the entire application from Java to a C#-based application with a new database and enhanced recommendation algorithm
  • [11/15/2020] - [v3.11] - Updated the Summoner Recommendation Algorithm. The main position of a champion now holds a higher weight when matching.
  • [11/12/2020] - [v3.10] - Updated the Summoner Recommendation Algorithm. Recommendations are now based on the Summoner's top 2 most played champions of all time + the most played champions from their last 100 matches.
  • [11/11/2020] - [v3.9] - Highest win rate items now contain the best full build for each champion (includes all of the new pre-season items)
  • [11/7/2020] - [v3.8] - Increased server stability
  • [10/15/2020] - [v3.7] - Updated Highest Win Rate Build area
  • [5/23/2020] - [v3.6] - Added a header bar that allows you to search on any page (available for devices with width >800px)
  • [5/14/2020] - [v3.5] - Added position tags to help prioritize champions by position
  • [5/3/2020] - [v3.4] - Updated URLs so you can easily find champions
  • [5/2/2020] - [v3.3] - Search Champions by 1 or many Tags
  • [4/17/2020] - [v3.2] - Added tooltips to the highest win rate items. You can hover over an image and the name should now popup. This was a request from a new user that wanted to know what item to search for in the shop. I also added tooltips to the masteries and summoner spells.
  • [4/16/2020] - [v3.1] - Added highest win rate masteries and skill order to champions
  • [4/15/2020] - [v3.0] - SITE OVERHAUL - Rewrote/converted the entire application to a Java-based platform that is DB driven with a new recommendation algorithm that utilizes the Riot API for real-time data
  • [2/4/2016] - [v2.0] - SITE OVERHAUL - /u/The_dretones and /u/evs-chris converted the application to use RactiveJS (thanks again!)
  • [1/19/2016] - [v1.1] - New LoL Recommender Domain - Started Implementing Reddit Feedback
  • [2/15/2015] - [v1.0] - Initial Creation - Old Domain
Everything is fine Soraka
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