Champions like Ashe

the Frost Archer
Show Build (10.16)
Highest Win Rate Build (10.16) X
Heal Flash
LethalTempoTemp Overheal LegendAlacrity CoupDeGrace MagicalFootwear ApproachVelocity
Blade of the Ruined King Runaan's Hurricane Infinity Edge Berserker's Greaves
Heal Flash
Carry, Global/Semi-Global Ult, Slows, Transforms, Long Range Poke, and Long Range CC
100% Match
Stormrazor Rapid Firecannon Infinity Edge Boots of Swiftness
FleetFootwork Triumph LegendBloodline CoupDeGrace GatheringStorm
Barrier Flash
Carry, Crit-based, Global/Semi-Global Ult, Long Range Poke, and Long Range CC
86% Match
Frozen Mallet Black Cleaver Mortal Reminder Boots of Swiftness
GraspOfTheUndying FontOfLife BonePlating Revitalize LegendAlacrity PresenceOfMind
Heal Flash
Carry, Crit-based, Slows, Long Range Poke, and Grants Vision
81% Match
Stormrazor Infinity Edge Rapid Firecannon Berserker's Greaves
FleetFootwork PresenceOfMind LegendBloodline CoupDeGrace AbsoluteFocus
Teleport Flash
Stuns, Slows, Transforms, Long Range Poke, and Long Range CC
72% Match
Black Cleaver Frozen Mallet Gargoyle Stoneplate Ninja Tabi
FleetFootwork Triumph LegendAlacrity CoupDeGrace BonePlating Overgrowth
Heal Flash
Carry, Kiting Monster, Global/Semi-Global Ult, and Long Range Poke
67% Match
Manamune Iceborn Gauntlet Death's Dance Ionian Boots of Lucidity
PressTheAttack PresenceOfMind LegendBloodline CoupDeGrace BiscuitDelivery CosmicInsight
Ignite Flash
Stuns, Slows, Long Range Poke, Long Range CC, and Grants Vision
66% Match
Athene's Unholy Grail Shurelya's Reverie Redemption Boots of Mobility
Guardian FontOfLife BonePlating Revitalize RelentlessHunter ZombieWard
Everything is fine Soraka
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