Champions like Sett

the Boss
Highest Win Rate Build (10.21)
Teleport Flash
Conqueror Triumph LegendAlacrity LastStand SecondWind Revitalize
Blade of the Ruined King Black Cleaver Death's Dance Ninja Tabi
Teleport Flash
Support, Top, Initiator, Slows, Stuns, Shields, Tank, Fighter, and Movement Speed Boost
100% Match
Sunfire Cape Adaptive Helm Gargoyle Stoneplate Ninja Tabi
GraspOfTheUndying MirrorShell BonePlating Revitalize BiscuitDelivery TimeWarpTonic
Ignite Flash
Mid, Support, Initiator, Slows, Stuns, Shields, Fighter, and Empowered Auto Attacks
97% Match
Umbral Glaive Black Cleaver Guardian Angel Boots of Mobility
PressTheAttack Triumph LegendTenacity CoupDeGrace ZombieWard RelentlessHunter
Ignite Flash
Mid, Top, Juggernaut, True Damage, Shields, Fighter, Tank, Empowered Auto Attacks, and Movement Speed Boost
96% Match
Trinity Force Statikk Shiv Dead Man's Plate Berserker's Greaves
Conqueror Triumph LegendTenacity LastStand Overgrowth Demolish
Smite Flash
Support, Top, Pulls, Initiator, Slows, Tank, and Fighter
95% Match
Enchantment: Cinderhulk Warmog's Armor Spirit Visage Mercury's Treads
VeteranAftershock FontOfLife Conditioning Revitalize CosmicInsight MagicalFootwear
Ghost Flash
Top, Pulls, Juggernaut, Slows, True Damage, Fighter, Tank, and Empowered Auto Attacks
94% Match
Trinity Force Titanic Hydra Sterak's Gage Ninja Tabi
Conqueror Triumph LegendTenacity LastStand CelerityTemp
Teleport Flash
Mid, Top, Initiator, Slows, Shields, Fighter, Empowered Auto Attacks, and Movement Speed Boost
93% Match
Tiamat Black Cleaver Titanic Hydra Ninja Tabi
Conqueror Triumph LegendAlacrity LastStand Demolish BonePlating
Everything is fine Soraka
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