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Champions like Warwick

the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun
Highest Win Rate Build (11.1)
Flash Smite
Plated Steelcaps Sunfire Aegis Titanic Hydra Death's Dance Thornmail Spirit Visage
presstheattack triumph legendalacrity laststand waterwalking celeritytemp
Ghost Smite
Jungle, Diver, Chases, Slows, Heals, Fighter, Tank, Fears, and Movement Speed Boost
Trinity Force Plated Steelcaps Death's Dance Sterak's Gage Dead Man's Plate Spirit Visage
conqueror triumph legendtenacity coupdegrace ravenoushunter suddenimpact
Flash Smite
Jungle, Top, Diver, Chases, Slows, Heals, Fighter, and Movement Speed Boost
Eclipse Plated Steelcaps Essence Reaver Ravenous Hydra The Collector Youmuu's Ghostblade
conqueror triumph legendalacrity coupdegrace suddenimpact ravenoushunter
Flash Smite
Jungle, Top, Chases, Slows, Heals, Tank, and Fighter
Sunfire Aegis Plated Steelcaps Thornmail Spirit Visage Warmog's Armor Randuin's Omen
veteranaftershock fontoflife conditioning revitalize cosmicinsight magicalfootwear
Flash Smite
Jungle, Diver, Chases, Slows, Heals, Fighter, and Movement Speed Boost
Goredrinker Plated Steelcaps Youmuu's Ghostblade Black Cleaver Edge of Night Death's Dance
conqueror triumph legendtenacity laststand ravenoushunter suddenimpact
Flash Smite
Jungle, Auto Attack Based, Diver, Chases, Slows, and Fighter
Trinity Force Plated Steelcaps Black Cleaver Death's Dance Sterak's Gage Chempunk Chainsword
hailofblades suddenimpact eyeballcollection relentlesshunter triumph legendalacrity
Ignite Flash
Top, Auto Attack Based, Chases, Slows, Heals, and Fighter
Berserker's Greaves Kraken Slayer Navori Quickblades Phantom Dancer Blade of The Ruined King Infinity Edge
lethaltempotemp triumph legendalacrity laststand transcendence
Everything is fine Soraka
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